Meet one of our Ilumina Scholarship Recipients, Juan Pablo Urey! Like many of us, he crossed the border with his family in search of a better life when he was 9 years old. Moving to a different country without speaking English was a huge obstacle to overcome but he found comfort in the fact that his family was together. A couple years later his father was diagnosed with Cancer and soon passed away. What motivated Juan Pablo throughout the years has been the memory of his dad. He worked hard, a trait that he says his parents instilled in him. Graduating at the top of his class, he found himself again alone as there was little or no guidance in how to Apply to College. He is the first in his family to attend college at UDC, where he has been part of the Dean’s List every semester. Aside from schoolwork, Juan Pablo works part time and is an active dancer. He was part of the San Simon Universitarios team which won the Saya Competition last year. His goal is to one day become an Architect and eventually to mentor kids as a teacher. After he completes his bachelor’s degree he has set his sights on obtaining a Masters in Civil Engineering & Architecture. We have no doubt that you will accomplish all of your dreams! Congratulations for being such a great example for our Bolivian youth!
“My mom has been my inspiration, my dad has been my motivation, my brothers have been my guardians, and so without them I wouldn’t be able to be where I am today” – Juan Pablo
PS – All of the Ilumina Scholarship Recipients will be onstage on Sunday 8/7 at Festival de Niños 2016.