Morenada Revelación Cocanis VA USA (Eng)

revelacion cocanisMorenada  Revelación Cocanis VA USA

Important Information:

  • Founded: 16 de Septiembre 2011
  • Dance: Morenada
  • President: María Castro de Astorga
  • Web Site:
  • Email:

Morenada Revelcaion Conanis was founded in Virginia on September 16, 2011 by the United Nations Group of friends Angelica Quisbert, Rosario Guradia, Karina Mirones, Miguel Orihuela, Ramiro Garcia and Igor Rojas. With the sole purpose of: spread of the dare of Bolivian folklore dance Morenada.

This fraternity has the state of Virginia Registration From October 1, 2012. And in the State Corporation Commission on 2 February 2015. Being Our legal representative Ms. Jean Carla Vargas.

Since its foundation Morenada Revelation Cocanis VA US Participated in various festivals such as: “Festival of Virginia Bolivian” Bolivian saves New York, Bolivian Parade East Coast, Virginia Bolivian Carnival, Party DC, Indian Museum and different events in the Virginia area. También está Fraternity was characterized from the outset by the various choreographies in every presentation and always shining through the colorful costumes so far has block “paceñas Cholitas”, “Block Barrilitos”, “Block Achachis”, “Block Old Cholas “,” Chinas “and the block of Children” Little Giants ”

Revelation Cocanis Morenada VA US we are proud to be part of the Pro-Bolivia Committee From This Year 2016, always with the premise Bring up the name of our beloved Bolivia. Our Fraternity CURRENTLY Directed by Ms. Maria Castro de Astorga (Chairman), Rosario Guardia (Vice President), Miguel Orihuela (secretary general).