Executive Council

The Executive Board will set goals and targets for the committee PRO BOLIVIA , develop a work plan to meet those goals , and evaluate the development of these objectives.

Members of the Executive Council preside over working committees, and keep the Executive Board informed of its progress.

The Executive Council will also meet in special sessions to address urgent issues related to the Committee for BOLIVIA .

The Executive Board of the Committee for Bolivia will consist of regulations as follows: President ; Vice President of Operations ; Vice President of Finance ; Vice President of Development and Recording Secretary ex officio a function.

President:  Javier Calle

  • Convene when necessary, and presiding over regular and special meetings ;
  • Delegate responsibilities and functions to the appropriate people and monitor their progress ;
  • Prepare the annual work plan and an annual calendar of activities ;
  • PRO BOLIVIA represent the Committee as its principal agent in all activities and public functions , and also with any external organization and government entity with which the Committee PRO – BOLIVIA does business ;
  • Convene and preside over meetings of the Artistic and Cultural Commission;
  • Assign portfolios members of the Artistic and Cultural Commission to assess the progress of their work;
  • Convene and preside as president, ad- hoc working committees.

Executive Director: Jade Delgadillo

  • Working with the president to implement the annual plan and schedule ;
  • Convene and preside over the meetings of the Operations Committee ;
  • Assign, with the president, the portfolios of the members of the Operations Committee and evaluate the progress of their work;
  • Submit a periodic report to the Executive Council and the Board , as the progress of the Operations Committee.

Finance Director: Grisel Torrez


  • Develop an overall budget of expenses;
  • Inform the Executive Board and the Board every three months , the financial status of the ” Committee for BOLIVIA ” ;
  • Review budgets submitted by the various working committees and make recommendations ;
  • Coordinate directly with the accountant
  • Receive and fulfill contracts, invoices and orders;
  • Create a preliminary financial report after each event ;
  • Submit to the Executive Council and the Board at the end of each year, a final financial report;