Who We Are



The governing board of the Committee for Bolivia, is composed of representatives from each affiliated group Committee for Bolivia. Representatives attend regular meetings in order to develop, adopt and implement the committee’s agenda pro Bolivia.

The Board elected every two years at an annual convention, members of the Executive Council (President, Vice President, Operations, etc.)

The board is the forum for all matters of the Committee for Bolivia, affiliated groups and dancers.

Composition of the Board

The Board is composed of 2-3 representatives from each member of the Committee for Bolivia group. Each group member has one vote at meetings of the Board by its President, or, in the absence of its chairman, its accredited representative.

Representatives Accreditation

Each group must present a letter of accreditation at the beginning of each year in order to position their representatives. Groups that do not submit a letter of accreditation can not position their representatives.

Groups members can regularly update their accredited representatives, but representatives shall not be positioned without first filing a letter of accreditation.

All representatives of the group must remain in good standing with the organization.

Recording Secretary

The Clerk sis appointed by the Executive Board and management will serve one year.

The Clerk take notes during meetings of the board and provide a summary of the minutes of the next meeting.

Executive Council

  • President and Executive Director – Javier Calle
  • Vice president of Operations– Jade Delgadillo
  • Vice presidente of Finance – Grisel Torrez


  • Humberto Flores
  • Ivan Angulo
  • Shirley Figueredo
  • Julia Garcia
  • Grecia Nunez
  • Julio Cesar Villazon
  • Juan Carlos Peredo
  • Sergio Vargas
  • Raquel Guerra
  • German Salazar
  • Franklin Salazar
  • Jose Orellana
  • Brenda Arana
  • Huascar Claure
  • Alison Aguila
  • Luba Morales
  • Maria Tamayo
  • Alfredo Medina
  • Ricardo Espinoza
  • Millie Rocha
  • Jose Torrico
  • Rudy Vega
  • Edith Vega
  • Jorge Elera
  • Freddy Claros
  • Zhenia Berrios
  • Lucy Medina
  • Miguel Zeballos
  • Rosario Montes
  • Jade Delgadillo
  • Jhony Veizaga
  • Susana Veizaga
  • Hugo Céspedes

Education Committee 

  • Vanessa Garcia
  • Laydy Reyes
  • Srta. Pro Bolivia – Joyce Torres
  • Mr. Pro Bolivia – Luis Amurrio