Fraternidad Cultural Pachamama (Eng)

Fraternidad Cultural Pachamama
“Spreading Culture for Bolivia”
2000 – 2016

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  • Important Dates
  • Founded: January 23, 2000
  • Member of Comite ProBolivia: 2000
  • Dances: Tinkus
  • Pentacampeones Tinku dance in the metropolitan area
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Fraternidad Cultural Pachamama is a organizaci6n Bolivian folk dancing, without DMARDs -profit organization representing dancing Tinku . Founded on January 23 , 2000. In the state of Virginia USA by the Sandoval family , being established as the official founding this day siguentes people :

  • Gonzalo Sandoval y Flia.
  • Rosmery Barrientos y Flia.
  • Freddy Andres

These founders recognized as duefios of the original idea of creating Fraternidad Cultural Pachamama as a dance group perform folk dance Tinku : Blanca Sandoval and Ariel Sandoval. In the beginning I counted 35 dancers currently comprises more than 100 dancers from two years of age who have a love of dance Tinku.

Cultural Pachamama fraternity is constituted by:

  • Bloque de Niños
  • Tropa
  • Bloque Mallkus
  • Bloque Mamalas

Since its inception the brotherhood has worked hard in the difunción dancing ” Tinku ” in various presentations and parades that made it worthy of multiple awards and trophies . Among the most important we can mention.

  • International Champions Tinku dance in Madrid, Spain 2011 group being the only US representative in EuropePenta-campeones de la danza del Tinku organizado por el Comite Pro-Bolivia
  • California Champions Dance Festival
  • Bi Dance festival champions New York , New Jersey
  • Christmas Parade West Chester PA
  • First Parade George Washington Alexandria 2011-2012
    And many others throughout the US, and many others throughout the American Union , note that the Cultural Fraternity Pachamama is the group that participated in the Majestic Carnaval de Oruro Bolivia as a block for 5 consecutive years including 2014.

    Cultural Fraternity Pachamama always seeks to exceed the expectations of the public with samples of enthusiastic dancers, exciting music , showing the colorful and creating costumes authentic pair made native artisans in Bolivia , creating a contagious environment that stimulates join Ia dance and the desire to learn more about this dance, Bolivia , its culture and its people. thus fulfilling its motto:

“Spreading Culture for Bolivia”

The board is made up of :

  • President: Ariel Sandoval
  • Vice president: Danita Johnson
  • Secretary of Communication: Miriam Aguila
  • Dance Coordinator: Ariel Sandoval
  • Secretara of Records: Carmen Cuéllar
  • Events Coordinator: Gisela Sandoval
  • Children Coordinator: Mireya Borrico
  • Women guides-  Mireya Borrico, Alison Aguila, Jessica Nunez
  • Men guides: Juan Alanes, William Claros