Caporales San Simon VA USA (Eng)

Caporales San Simon VA USA
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  • Important Information
  • Acquires its own identity the19 de Mayo de 1999
  • Member of Comite Pro Bolivia since: 1999
  • Dance: Caporale
  • Contact Information: 703-593-8985 | 703-868-8597 |
  • Web Site (Click Here)

This organization was part of Roots of Bolivia in 1988, and subsequently in compliance with an agreement reached in November 1993, happens to be part of Caporales San Simon Block Virginia; finally under the direction of Mr. Jose Quiroz acquires its own identity, created in May 19, 1999 under the name of “Fraternity Caporales San Simon Virginia USA”, a name which currently holds with pride and altruism.

This organization is a non-profit service of our culture and the Bolivian community, currently made up mostly of young people of all ages and nationalities, show dance foreman at its best a waste of a lot of energy and enthusiasm in their presentations made up their child block, women and men Troop row of figures Machas, Machos, Juchuy’s, Ch’ilas, Jach’as, and its new line of Ñustas.

Today is directed and chaired by Mr. Alvaro Sandi besides being one of the most numerous groups, with more than 300 dancers, with affiliates in New Jersey (USA), California (USA), Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Madrid (Spain), Barcelona (Spain), Valencia (Spain), Malaga (Spain), Seville (Spain) and Milan (Italy) demonstrating through his career, an untold number of prizes, awards and trophies for their stunning performances and appearances at various festivals and parades ..

Their participation in beauty contests and dance competitions almost always occupied the first places

3 times our queens worthily represented the Committee Pro Bolivia (2007-2009-2011)
Beachvolley champions (2010 – 2011)
4 times winners saya-CAPORAL years 2000,2001,2003 and 2013
First prize in the parade Rockville, Maryland (2000, 2001 and 2003)
First Prize “Mayor’s Christmas Parade” in Baltimore, Maryland (2010)
Include recordings of two songs by the Llajtaymanta group ( “San Simon USA” and “Forever San Simon”) and 3 songs with the Feel group Voices “Cervecita USA”, “Añoranzas” with the participation of David Castro and ” Hi such that I am Caporal “we were the first fraternity to enter with a band in the Bolivian Manassas Festival (2009), following our cultural traditions and also in the parade in New York Hispanidad.

For information, registration, practices and events contact: 703-593-8985, 703-868-8597.