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Centro Cultural BoliviaCentro Cultural

  • Important Information 
  • Founded : April 15, 2001
  • Pro Bolivia Committee member since: 2001
  • Dance : Pujllay – Tobas
  • President : Rudy Vega Web Site(Click Here)

The Bolivia Cultural Center, a non-profit organization, was founded on 15 April 2001 by a group of people seeking to show the best of the Bolivian culture in these latitudes. In the beginning, Bolivia Cultural Center identified with Pujllay dance, then implemented the dance of the Tobas.

The Bolivia Cultural Center is currently managed by its Board: Ms. Alicia Claros (President Vitalicia), Rudy Vega (President), Jorge Elera (Vice-President), Carla Lopez (Treasurer), Grettel Sanzetenea (Stria Minutes.). Roger Zambrana (Director of Communications), April Claros (Stria. Communications), Johnny Montaño (Director of Sports), Nelson Cava (Director of Sports) and Edith Vega (Vocal).

At present the Bolivia Cultural Center is comprised of Bolivianos members, descendants of Bolivianos and of various nationalities, who expressed their desire to be part of the group by virtue of brotherhood prevails among its members, in addition to the wealth and colorful traditional dances .

“Dance Pujllay” This is one of the ritual dances that are still preserved in Bolivia with purity and ancient tradition of initiation ceremony priestesses in their worship the Sun God.

The Bolivia Cultural Center, is definitely the only group that has gained a faithful interpretation of the dance Pujllay, using authentic and original costumes brought exclusively from the population of Tarabuco department of Chuquisaca, capital of Bolivia.

“Tuff” This is a dance of the eastern region and part of the Bolivian cultural diversity. Clothing, choreography and music of the Toba are different from the Andean expressions and show the warmth and joy of the man of the Bolivian tropical region.

The Bolivia Cultural Center throughout its existence has made a number of acclaimed performances in different events inside and outside the State of Virginia proudly showing the roots and Bolivian culture.

This is a list of some of our presentations:

Cherry Blossom Parade – Washington DC
Festival Urkupiña – Rhode Island
Festival of Flags – New York
Contest Saya – Virginia
Competition Tinkus – Virginia