Embajadores del Folklore (Eng)

Embajadores del FolkloreEmbajadores del folklore

  • Important Information
  • Founded: September 21, 2002
  • Pro Bolivia Committee member since: 2002
  • Dance : Morenada
  • President : Jhonny Veizaga
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It was founded on September 21, 2002 in the State of Virginia, USA, with the premise cultivate and spread the Bolivian folklore through the dissemination of the ancestral tradition of dance Morenada.

The ultimate expression of this dance becomes more impressive with the participation of dancers beautiful young ladies that side of young and energetic dancers Bolivian nationality or descent give the colorful and unique magnificence to the steady rhythm of their noisemakers.

Ambassadors of Folklore Brotherhood is made up of about 60 dancers among children and youth and also elderly people who love this Bolivian, unique expression of its kind. It is currently headed by Mr. Jhonny Veizaga, as president, Mr. Carlos Rengel as Vice-President.

Throughout its existence it has received several awards and prizes for their participation in governmental, social, educational and political in the metropolitan area of Washington events as well as in other states of the American Union where their presence has caused general admiration for the beauty and youth of his dancers as by the magnificence of his artistic expression through dance Morenada.