Fraternidad Folklórica Cultural Ruphay (Eng)

Fraternidad Folklórica Cultural RuphayRuphay

  • Important Dates
  • Founded: February 1, 2008
  • Pro Bolivia Committee member since: 2011
  • Dance : Caporales
  • Champion: Saya Caporal Contest ’11
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    Folkloric Fraternity Ruphay runs under the theme of Energy , Passion and Culture , was founded one on the 1st . February 2008 in the city of Fairfax Virginia, by a group of parents. The fraternity is currently commissioned by the President Humberto Flores; Vice President Amilkar Mendez ; CFOs Ivan Angulo and Melania Aguila ; Recording Secretary Salazar Etzy ; Events secretaries Zulema Perez , Shirley Figueredo , Roxana Orihuela and Maria Chicas ; Secretaries of Sports Alvaro Bautista and Alfredo Angulo and Flora Vocal General Accounts.

Ruphay is an organization registered in the State of Virginia in 2008 and 2014 officially becomes a non- profit organization whose mission is to preserve , disseminate and promote the Bolivian and Latin American culture through our folk dances and achieve international recognition of our cultural traditions .

Our most important goal is to encourage family commitment , moral and emotional support for our young people , promoting positive coexistence between dancers , parents and leaders. But above all to act as an educational institution , encouraging our youth to participate in enrichment programs such as leadership , public speaking , positive attitude, manners, good behavior and community work.

Ruphay with the participation of more than 100 dancers and through our folklore, helps young children to have a healthy activity that entertains physically and mentally, moving away from the negative influences of our society helping them to be disciplined and responsible people. We Damas Block Block Boys , Girls Block Block Boys, Figures , Chinese and Machos .

So also supports parents who find a second family and a support group where they share with their children recreational and community activities.

Ruphay won the contest saya in Virginia in 2011 and is bi champion saya in the contest saya New York 2011 and 2012 , second Caporal Couple in the contest saya in New York 2013 and champion Parejita Virginia Caporal in 2014. This fraternity participates in parades and major events in the metropolitan area of DC and Richmond, and the states of New York , New Jersey and Pennsylvania . Ruphay also participates in events and sports championships soccer , volleyball, and organizes family events like camps , parties and social events .

Ruphay grant to Quito Ecuador its first subsidiary FFC – Ecuador Ruphay a group of dancers Ecuadorian nationality respectful admirers of our Bolivian folklore in 2012.

Currently F.F.C. Ruphay is under the direction of :

  • Humberto Flores – President
  • Amilkar Mendez -Vice-President
  • Ivan Angulo y Melanie Aguila – Finanze
  • Etzy Salazar – Secretary
  • Zulema Perez, Sihrley Figueredo, Roxana Orihuela, Maria Chicas – Events
  • Alvaro Angulo y Alfredo Bautista – Sports
  • Flora Cuentas – Voice