Morenada Bolivia-USA (Eng)

Morenada Bolivia-USA

13510851_825208717613300_3476643873891342334_n (1)Morenada Boliviana USA

  • Important Iformation
  • Founded: October 20, 2007
  • Pro Bolivia Committee member since: 2014
  • Dance : Morenada, Kullawada, Los Chutas and Pepinos


Founded on October 20, 2007 in Annandale, Virginia under the direction of Ms. Rosario Montes and Family. They are nine-year career in which present Morenada dance wearing red, yellow and green national colors, the important feature that transpires feel proud to be Bolivian. Over the years, they work to give to present other dances which are: La Kullawada, Los Chutes and Pepinos, Los Incas and indigenous dances of the Bolivian Altiplano. Its main purpose is to present the Morenada and other dances in all its splendor and publicizing that are 100% Bolivian. Morenada Bolivia USA are winners of several awards in different presentations at events organized by the Comite Pro Bolivia, as the Bolivian Festival of Virginia where two consecutive times had performances by the band Intercontinental Poopo Oruro. , Also include the awards for Best Group Morenada 2012 by Aruma Awards in New Jersey and Best Cultural Group Bolivia Lo Nuestro Awards 2013 in Virginia. Teamwork carried out with active members of the Association unveils innovations in terms of costumes, choreography, videos and presentations throughout the year. highlighted in the ongoing work of the fraternity Morenada Bolivia USA people are considered founders which protect the legacy created by all and especially by a noble person fraternal founder beloved and admired by all as was Mr. Leonidas Montes Q.E. P.S. These people are: Jeaneth Larrea David Larrea Luis Rene Maldonado, Cristina Maldonado, Marcia Gichrist, Misael Bustamante, Marilu Jordan, Luis Rodriguez and Martino Romay. One of the main purposes of matener active grouping, is the preserver love Bolivian culture especially by children and young people born in the US.