Sociedad Cultural Tradiciones Bolivianas (Eng)

Sociedad Cultural Tradiciones Bolivianas

Cultural Traditions Bolivian Society was founded on 17 March 1997 under the name of Bolivian traditions .


  • Practice and dissemination of our culture , dramatized in dance and Bolivian representative dances of each region , by keeping originality in steps and clothing.
  • Keep an extensive archive of national Bolivian repertoire of music and native music .
  • Spread the typical – traditional costumes from different regions of Bolivia.
  • Disseminate the Bolivian culture through folkloric dance workshops , seminars culture of Bolivia and Quechua classes .

The richness of dances and folk dances Bolivianas and their clothing , songs and music make the Bolivian folklore is considered one of the richest in the world in terms of variety and cultural content. Thus the main philosophy of our group, Bolivian Traditions Cultural Society is to promote awareness , appreciation and acceptance of the most traditional of Bolivia folk dances – Moseñada , kallawaya , sicureada , tune, huayño – promoting empathy towards our traditions , customs and styles specific to each of the regions Bolivianas lives. Also, we intend to know the origin of each transmitting through the choreographic execution , both cultural and historical context of each as the feeling that identifies us as Bolivians, with all that this implies : Culture , roots , beliefs , traditions … BOLIVIAN TRADITIONS .

In the 15 years of diffusion of our culture and folklore, traditions Bolivianas , I investigate and present the following dances :

  • Tobas
  • Huayño salaque
  • Llamerada
  • Huayño tonada del Norte de Potosi
  • Huayño sicureada
  • Salay- de Chuquisaca
  • Salaque
  • Cueca valluna
  • Moceñada
  • Wawa Tusuchina- costumbres o potosinas
  • Huayño Ceremonial a la Pachamama
  • Huayño zapateado de Cochabamba

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Directors for 2015 year:
Julia García: Dirección General
Grace Nu~nez – Presidente
Esther Mayda – Direccion Artistica y Coreografia