Tinkus San Simon (Eng)

Tinkus San Simon VATinkus San Simon

  • Important Information
  • Acquires its own identity on September 1, 2010
  • Pro Bolivia Committee member since: 2014
  • Dance: Tinku
  • Contacts: tkssva1@gmail.com

The ” Fraternity Folkloric and Cultural TINKUS SAN SIMON subsidiary Virginia -USA ” commonly known as ” Tinkus San Simon VA ” or ” TKSS ” was founded on September 1, 2010 by the Espinoza family in the city of Falls Church , VA with efforts to maintain the style that characterizes the fraternity and the mission of teaching our youth the importance and the impact that our culture has in the life of each . TKSS is an affiliation to the Fraternity Folkloric and Cultural Tinkus San Simon in Cochabamba , Bolivia founded by Mr. Juan Jose Torrez Quezada . With more than 15 years of existence. TKSS is considered a fraternity with folk maturity, spreading our culture throughout the world through our 16 subsidiaries located in Europe, North America and South America .

Our fraternity is composed as follows:Bloque Tropa –Adultos

  • Block Troop – Children
  • Block Chask’as
  • Block Miskis
  • Block J’ulas and Mamalas
  • Block Machu Tinku
  • Rompe Monteras

Fraternity recognized as the best in the category Tinkus 2012 by Aruma Awards , TKSS has participated in a variety of presentations and parades in which won many awards and trophies . Among the most important we can mention :

  • Tinkus Champions Competition 2013 organized by the Pro – Bolivia Committee
  • Competition Champions Parejita Tinkus 2014 Organized by the By – Bolivia Committee
  • Champions Dance Festival 2012 Kings Dominion (block children)
  • The McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day Parade of Chicago , Illinois
  • Hispanic American Parade New Jersey
  • Hispanic Day Parade New York
  • Festival Boliviano – Manassas , VA
  • 1st Place Memorial Day Parade Rockville, Maryland ( 2012)
  • 1st Place Independence Day Parade of the City of Fairfax ( 2012-2013 )
  • 1st Place Potomac River Festival, Colonial Beach , VA ( 2012, 2013 )

TKSS in just three years of existence has managed to expand not only in the metropolitan area of Washington DC, but also in different states across the country such as New York , New Jersey, Delaware and Illinois. Thanks to our membership in Cochabamba , Bolivia our fraternal have the privilege of being participants in festivals such as Carnival of Oruro , Corso Corso of Cochabamba , Festivity Urkupiña and university entrance Cochabamba , other events of faith and national holidays .

TKSS is considered a school of rhythm which seeks to instill in our fraternal the importance of being disciplined in an activity, always exceed and surpass their goals and encouraging youth to join a fraternity in which found the opportunity to grow artistically in a healthy and safe environment. Among all our subsidiaries we remain steadfast in our vision of family support each other as we are and that is why “all can dance tinkus , just us in San Simon “

Management structure 2016 is formed by :Ricardo Espinoza – Director y Coordinador General

  • Millie Carola Rocha – Director of Communications
  • Rosa Mary Terceros – Director of Events
  • Jose Torrico y Magdalena Espinoza – Secretary of Finances