Tinkus Tiataco (Eng)

Tinkus Tiataco
tiatacobannerTinkus Tiataco

  • Important Dates
  • Founded: November 2004
  • Pro Bolivia Committee member since: 2011
  • Dance : Tinkus
  • Champions Tinkus 2011
  • Web Site (Click Here)

Tinkus fraternity Tiataco USA was founded in November 2004 by people with love and passion for dancing bear the name of his people ” Tiataco ” high. Tiataco is located 25 km from the city of Cochabamba and is part of the Esteban Arce Province , Tarata. Tiataco is a town where even the true rites and traditions of the Bolivian ancestors can be seen . The success of the Fraternity Tinkus Tiataco USA demonstrates the fundamental value of those founders ” tiataquenos ” who want to demonstrate that dreams come true .

Today the fraternity has more than 100 dancers without age limits. In 2010 , two additional blocks called Khatun Songos ( big hearts ) which is the parent block , and chaskas (stars ) which is the block was inaugurated mothers . Earlier this year, the fraternity began the tradition of choosing the Ñusta ( Princess) Tinkus Tiataco .

Tinkus Tiataco USA has had the honor of participating in various festivals in the states of Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC and New Jersey. In 2010 , Tinkus Tiataco had the privilege of dancing at the concert Kjarkas , folk group known internationally, which are very fortunate and grateful for the unforgettable experience. Among other outstanding achievements and recognition of the fraternity , including :

  • Tinkus champions , Civico Cultural Committee Boliviano New York , Tinkus Competition : 2013
  • Tinkus champions , Committee Pro – Bolivia Tinkus Competition : 2011
  • Sub – Champions , Pro – Bolivia Competition Committee Tinkus : 2007, 2008 , & 2009
  • 1st place in the category of dance group in Washington DC St. Patrick ‘s Day Parade: 2011
  • 1st Place for their participation in Memorial Day Parade in Falls church : 2010 & 2012
  • 1st place in the category group dance in Colonial Beach Parade: 2008, 2009 , & 2011
  • 2nd place in the category group dance in West Virginia Strawberry Festival : 2012