Our mission

Our mission is to promote, educate and teach the variety of rituals , dances and beliefs that identify the Bolivian people the length and breadth of the United States. Also, keep alive our roots and traditions to future generations of Bolivian immigrants , be proud of what has been sown over years of constant work and harvest of experience gained through them.

Our vision

At the precise moment the Committee for Bolivia was founded ; the vision of our organization was to become a parent entity that would group fraternities and organizations that have related to bring up the name of our beloved Bolivia , through the practice and promotion of its cultural and artistic values ​​premises.


A Little History

25 years ago a group of Bolivians living metropoliotana Washington DC gathered forward, preserving the traditions, culture and folkore of Bolivia aching and passing transmit to future generations their ancestrles roots as a cultural legacy to perpetuate by infinite time.

The Committee Pro-Bolivia emerged as a socio-culturral profit only with the commitment to serve the Bolivian community and to know the rich culture of Bolivia to the Latin American community organization.

The enthusiasm and love of folklore of the founders who preceded even imagined to establish that marked a milestone in the hearts and history of Bolivians who emigrated, their sons who were born in this land and supporters, they would find in the organization a matrix organization that would bring together all the folkloric fraternities who want to show the different dances and folkloric expressions.

It seems that the premise is true that “You have to leave the country, cultural roots and to love one valorlarla more from a distance”

We mention some personalities who dedicated their time and charisma in the founding of this organization, without detracting from all that preceded it: The founders gentlemen and Mrs. Don Jaime. Ana Maria Garcia (QPD), Don Rodolfo and Mrs. Magda Torrico, Esprella Family, Family Sejas, Ms. Dora Castellon (QPD) and children, Vallesteros Family etc..Cabe precidieron highlight that this organization over 25 years .. Don Gonzalo Gutierez, Ms. Nora Garcia, Don René Pizarrozo, Don Jaime Inofuentes, Don Gonzalo Sandoval, and the current president Mrs. Nelly Zapata., which together with management representatives of member fratrnidades worked hard and dedicated their time to further disseminate and preserve our folklore. All managers, and Bolivians who love our culture will continue showing through a varied during the year our folklore program, we promise to continue to devote our talent and time to return to Bolivia the country that nurtured us with such love and culture.

What is Pro-Bolivia Committee?

Our identity- The Pro-Bolivia-Cultural Committee is a non-profit Partner (Non-Profit Organization) which began operations in early 1987 Organization; their legal status became effective in 1988, the same as from the month of April 2008 changed its (501-C (4) to (501-C (3)

The Pro-Bolivia committee is an organization dedicated to preserving the rich folk heritage of Bolivia, to disseminate the Bolivian folk dancing in EE UU. Through its affiliates.

Our organization legally established in the state of Virginia is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of cultural and folk heritage of the Republic of Bolivia through dance and all its related expressions.

Our residence officially Our official residence has been set in the state of Virginia that houses us and fully supports, but our influence has spread to several states in the United States. It is also worth mentioning that according to the last census, which is the largest number of Bolivians living in the United States.

With pleasure and pleasure we present to you. People who founded the Comite Pro Bolivia.

Thank you very much for the initiative and had become the foundation of this institution sowing and spreading the Bolivian culture.

Esprella Gabriel Luis Castellon, Rodolfo Torrico, Rosario Sejas, Magda Torrico, Chela Esprella absent, Jose Garcia, Luis J. Sejas and also mention to Mrs. Dora Castellon RIP.