Foundation of the Bolivia Pro Committee

On Saturday, September 16, 1987, in the city of Fairfax, a group of friends with a deep feeling of love for the country, we met with the purpose of founding an organization that works in the diffusion of the different expressions of our rich cultural heritage. In these circumstances, the PRO VIRGEN DE URKUPINA COMMITTEE is created, its founders being:

Magda y Rodolfo Torrico
Ana y Jorge Garcia
Dora y Luis Castellon
Rosario y Luis Sejas
Chela y Gabriel Esprella

In addition to the main purpose of publicizing the folkloric manifestations of our country and working around the unity of the community, the first initiatives were outlined to later modify the name to COMITE PRO BOLIVIA as an organization that shelters the different Bolivian fraternities and groups and so dedicate ourselves fully to cultivate, preserve and protect our traditions and reach our descendants and the Bolivian youth that made the United States their second homeland, an authentic feeling of Bolivianity around our values.
Ms. Dora Castellon was elected coordinator at the time of foundation and later appointed First President of the COMITE PRO BOLIVIA. In August 1989, the first Bolivian festival was held at the Washington Lee H.S. of Arlington, Virginia in which the following groups participated.

– Sangre Boliviana, (Antawara, Caporales, Suri Sicuris)
– Fraternidad Flklorica Urkupina (Salay)
– Morenos Kollas (Morenada)
– Raices de Bolivia (Caporales)
– Grupo Folklorico Boliviano (Caporales)
– Ollantay (Grupo Boliviano)

The campaign “A pencil and a notebook” gave us the opportunity to discover the spirit of collaboration of our community and its concern for the needs of school-age children in Bolivia. This campaign was carried out during the chairmanship of Mr. Marco Antonio Capriles and the Vice Presidency of Ms. Dora Castellon. There was also the campaign for the double citizenship of the nationalized American Blivians, and the Bolivian film festival with three films. An album with the history of activities of the different folk groups was delivered to the President of Bolivia Mr. Jaime Paz Zamora.

Our goal is for the Bolivian community living in the area to feel proud of their culture and traditions.

1987-1989 – Coordinator / First PRESIDENT – Mrs. Dora Castellon
1990-1991 – PRESIDENT Mr. Marco Antonio Capriles
1992-1995 – PRESIDENT Mr. Gonzalo Gutierrez
1996-1999 – PRESIDENT Mr. Rene Pizarroso
2000-2003 – PRESIDENT Mrs. Nora Garcia
2004-2007 – PRESIDENT Mr. Gonzalo Sandoval
2008-2011 – PRESIDENT Mr. Jaime Infuentes
2012-2015 – PRESIDENT Mrs. Nelly Zapata
2016 – PRESIDENT Mr. Jose Quiroz
2017 – PRESIDENT Mr. Javier Calle

Nov, 15 2017.